How Does EASY A-C SCREEN Work?

One of the best things about EASY A-C SCREEN is its simple, ingenious design — and the fact it’s ready to use in an instant! So put away your measuring tape, your screwdriver — and especially those annoying pillows and sticky duct tape. With EASY A-C SCREEN, you can simply slide your way to perfectly frosty A/C!

Each EASY A-C SCREEN unit is composed of two interlocking, sliding panels, which are designed to fit perfectly next to your air conditioning unit. Installation is easy — simply place the EASY A-C SCREEN unit directly in front of your window frame, against the window’s outer edge. Then slide the second panel so that it meets the edge of your air conditioning unit. And presto! Air, rain, light, and bugs are sealed away — and cool, frosty air is sealed in!


What Is EASY A-C SCREEN Made Of?

EASY A-C SCREEN is made of heavy-duty, weather-resistant polypropylene  materials that ensure it will be ready to serve you and your home, year after year. You’ll never need to treat the unit with protective coatings or repair it when it’s gotten a little “worn in.” It’s designed to do one thing and one thing only — keep your air conditioning unit perfectly sealed against the outside elements.


Is EASY A-C SCREEN Better for the Environment?

You bet! Sealing the hot air out allows you to use less power to cool the room. And this not only helps the environment — it helps your wallet too!


Does EASY A-C SCREEN Require Lubrication to Work Properly?

No. EASY A-C SCREEN's design allows the panels to slide easily into place — each and every time.


Is EASY A-C SCREEN Difficult to Clean?

Cleaning the EASY A-C SCREEN unit is as easy as it gets. Simply wipe the panels clean with a damp cloth or use a paper towel and window cleaner. That’s it!


How Will I Know If EASY A-C SCREEN Will Fit My Air Conditioner?

EASY A-C SCREEN fits a large percentage of all air conditioners on the market. 14" units are a perfect fit! 13" or 15" units fit easily with the aid of a velcro adapter.  


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