How to Seal Up the Sides of Your AC Unit

Having an air conditioner is great for cooling your home. It provides the necessary relief for those hot and hazy days. To make the best use of your air conditioner, make sure it's sealed properly. Improper HVAC installations can dramatically affect your heating and cooling costs. According to the DOE, installation mistakes can reduce HVAC efficiency by up to 30%. This is where an air conditioner side panel kit would be helpful.

Check For Space Gaps On The Sides

One important factor in sealing the sides of your AC unit is checking for any space gaps. The smallest spaces can leak air, making your air conditioner less effective, also letting in bugs and dust. Use an air conditioner side panel kit that has adhesive-backed, open-cell foam weatherstripping to fill the gaps and prevent air leaks.

Fixing Spaces With Air Conditioner Side Panel Kits

Clean the surface and area of the air conditioner before using the foam weatherstripping. Remove any dust and other remnants from the area. Measure the space of the gap and then cut a strip of the foam weatherstripping. After peeling the back of the strip, place it sticky-side up along the underside of the window panel. Press the strip along the window for a firm seal. Use this process for a gap that is 1/8 inch thick or more.

If the gap is less than 1/8 thick, use rope caulk. It's like putty, which can be removed with your air conditioner for winter. Measure and tear off a piece of the caulk. Then place it in the gap and smooth out the caulk. Remove any excess caulk with a dry cloth from the window or air conditioner. You can also use fiberglass insulation as well for gaps larger than one inch.

Preparation For A New Air Conditioner

With summer approaching and if you're looking to buy a new air conditioner, make sure you use the air conditioner side panel kit that comes with it. Use the kit supplies properly, so the air conditioner is airtight. Installing an air conditioner is a two-person job. Make sure you have someone help you place the air conditioner properly and securely.