How to Maintain Your AC Window Unit

According to DOE, approximately three-quarters of homes have air conditioning in the U.S., making it an essential household appliance. Like any other ac system, regular maintenance of your AC window unit is necessary for optimal performance. Proper maintenance should be carried before and after every season's use to maximize efficiency.

However, it would be best to call a well-trained professional when your AC window unit needs more than essential regular maintenance because they are better positioned to identify and fix problems. Also, if your AC window unit is faulty and older than ten years, it is time you visit the nearest air conditioning supply store.

Below are some regular maintenance steps that will ensure your AC Window Unit is running smoothly.

Check the Filters

It is essential that you clean and replace faulty filters of your AC window unit regularly. This enhances efficiency, quality air, and it's also energy-saving — clean reusable air filters with warm water and scentless detergent. Also, the durability of your unit's filters depends on the conditions of your home and the surrounding environment.

Clean the Evaporator Coils

Dirty filters lead to dirty coils, and this leads to poor air quality in your home. Vacuum clean the evaporator coils once in a while to ensure your unit's optimal performance. For stubborn dirt, remove your unit's casing, rinse well and then let it air dry.

Inspect the Coil Fins

The fins on your AC unit are prone to bends that affect its performance, and therefore they should be inspected regularly. Use a fin comb from the nearest air conditioning supply store to do the job.

How Do You Know Your AC Window Unit Needs a Professional Check-Up?

Once in a while, your AC window unit will need a technician to fix it. Below are things that you should look out for.

  • Get a technician when your AC unit blows warm air even when the thermostat is set lower than your home's temperature
  • If the AC unit is not circulating air at all, it needs repairs
  • Call a technician when your AC unit starts to produce some unpleasant odors
  • When your AC starts to make certain noises, it shows that some loose parts need to be fixed

How Effective is Regular Maintenance?

Regular maintenance enhances durability and keeps you from regular visits to the air conditioning supply store. Also, it keeps your unit clean for optimal performance.