Are Air Leaks Within Your Home Costing You Money?

Most Americans would agree that a home may not be warm and cozy during summertime without a properly functioning HVAC unit. Poorly installed window ACs can reduce energy efficiency within a home by up to 30%. If you’ve noted a spike in your monthly electricity bill, you may need to check your air leaks. Chances are that you are bleeding money through your window air conditioner side panels.

Air leaks are costly. According to the Energy Star program under the US Department of Energy, most people can save up to 20% on their heating and cooling costs by sealing the leaks. Small cracks in the accordion-style air conditioner screen can have a huge impact on your energy use.

Cold wintry nights cause heated air to leak outside the building while cold drafts enter. In the hot summer months, the conditioned air slips out while hot air seeps into the rooms. Using window air conditioner side panels such as EASY-AC-SCREEN can help seal the air leaks.

Potential Expenses Associated with Air Leaks Within a Home

Conditioned air sipping out of your home does more financial damage than just rising electricity bills. Here are several ways that air leaks can hurt your pockets;

1. Skyrocketing Utility Bills

As stated before, air leaks cause HVAC units to draw more power to compensate for the loss. The net effect is spikes recorded on your monthly electricity bills. With heating and cooling costs representing 50-60% of utility bills in the typical American home, soaring power bills can put a strain on your monthly budgets.

2. Failing AC Units

Your air conditioners may have to work harder to try to compensate for the air loss. Overworking your unit results in frequent breakdowns and more trips to the air conditioning supply store. Besides, you may have to hire HVAC services to carry out repairs on your damaged unit. Replacement of critical parts such as motors and filters can set you back hundreds of dollars to get the AC in good working condition again.

3. Damage to Your Windows

Cracks and spaces on your window air conditioner side panels can result in moisture build-up on your window trim and frame. The moisture can slowly corrode your frame, weakening your windows. Wooden windows can rot, crack or warp due to excess moisture. Replacing your damaged windows is expensive, with the national average per unit costing $650.

Seal the Leaks on Your Window AC With EASY-AC-SCREEN

According to the Department of Energy, taking a whole-home approach to reducing your energy consumption can cut your electricity costs by up to 30%. Measures such as installing efficient HVAC equipment, keeping the unit well maintained, installing programmable thermostats, sealing air leaks, adding insulation, sealing air ducts, and much can help you achieve your goals.

EASY-AC-SCREEN are window air conditioner side panels that provide for a perfect fit, sealing out the air leaks. You can also enjoy better insulation from the heavy-duty, weather-resistant polypropylene material.

Air leaks within the home can significantly reduce the energy efficiency within your home. Window air conditioner side panels from an HVAC parts supply store can help seal the gaps, saving you money in the long term. To make an order for your EASY-AC-SCREEN, reach out to us today and start saving today.