6 Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Conditioner Screen Kit

According to the US Department of Energy, air conditioners consume 6% of the total electricity produced in the nation, setting back American households approximately $29 billion annually. In winter, the heating system represents up to 42% of the household’s monthly energy use. Homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to save money by reducing their energy consumption.

One excellent way recommended by the DOE is through air sealing. Leaks within your house can cause heated air to seep out during winter. The conditioned air slipping out during the hot, humid summer months can overwork your HVAC unit as well. A common culprit that most homeowners with window ACs overlook is the air conditioner screen.

Gaps or cracks within your air conditioner side panel kit can have a significant impact on your home’s energy use. Here are seven factors to help you choose the right air conditioner screen for your window AC.

1. Material

The material used to make the window air conditioner side panels may affect its durability and energy efficiency. You need to find an insulating material that won’t leak out the heated or conditioned air. Pick out a moisture-resistant material that won’t support mold growth or attract insects, too. Accordion foam is prone to tears, while wooden panels are susceptible to cracks and rot.

2. Aesthetics

Most homeowners wish to have a flawless theme design around their home. The artistic design, shape, and color of your air conditioner screen may affect the overall view of your window unit. Interlocking slide panels from Easy-AC-SCREEN may help provide a seamless, neat appearance, blending perfectly with most window ACs.

3. Size

You may need to find an airtight seal between our air conditioner screen and the window HVAC unit. The size of your air conditioner and the window may dictate the size of the screen panel to pick. Sliding panel mechanisms allow you to get a proper fit by gently pushing one panel over the over, regardless of the window AC size.

4. Installation

You may have to take out your window AC unit every summer. As such, you need to choose an air conditioner side panel kit that is easy and ready to set up. Nailing cardboard or taping accordion baffles in place can be a hectic job. Opting for easy-to-install slide panels may make it easier to have your window AC out in no time.

5. Maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance provided to the air conditioner screen may affect its durability and efficiency. You may have to choose an appropriate cleaning product and tools to keep the side panels in top condition. The heavy-duty propylene material on the EASY-AC-SCREEN is low-maintenance, only requiring paper towels and standard cleaners to remove stains.

6. Cost

You may need to think about the cost value of your purchase. Buying low-quality side panels can leave you frustrated and with a damaged AC unit. While you may need to look at your budget, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality to save a few cents.

Finding the right air conditioner screen is critical to sealing the gaps next to your window AC. EASY-AC-SCREEN is an excellent side panel kit that utilizes a sliding mechanism for a perfect fit. To learn more about our product or for HVAC parts supply, reach out to us today.