3 Tips for Installing Your AC Unit

It's important to ensure your AC unit is installed properly, as failure to do so can cost you. According to the DOE, improper HVAC installation can affect the efficiency of your HVAC by up to 30%, so that you can experience a dramatic increase in your heating and cooling costs. Here are our three top tips for installing your AC unit to help you avoid paying extra.

Check Your Windows First

Before installing your window air conditioner, it's important to check if the particular window you have your eye on is suited for the purpose. Ideally, the window has to be double-hung. That means it should have a fixed upper pane, then a lower pane you can slide up and down.

However, if the window moves from side to side or tilts outwards if you open it, it won't be a good option for installing an AC. While you're also scouting for the right window, check that the window has an electrical outlet nearby because it's not recommended to use an extension cord when powering your AC.

Last but not least, make sure the AC won't be affected by direct sunlight and that there's enough clearance both inside and outside for air to circulate or flow freely.

Check Your Measurements

Ideally, this is something you should do before making a purchase. You'll need to measure the height and width of your window opening as well as determine the square footage of the room you're attempting to cool. All you need for this is a tape measure to help you measure the window from side to side and then from top to bottom. You can also do this for the room if you don't already know its square footage.

Install Window Air Conditioner Side Panels Properly

Remember to attach the window air conditioner side panels and fasten them properly. Installing window air conditioner side panels properly ensures there are no gaps, and this prevents warm air from entering your home, which increases the efficiency of your AC.

When summer rolls around, the sweltering days and nights can get pretty uncomfortable. But, now that you know the best way to install your window air conditioner, be sure to apply these tips, so you can keep cool in summer.

One bonus tip: Installing a window air conditioner might seem simple and straightforward. Still, it's always best not to attempt installation without a second pair of hands to help. Otherwise, you can end up damaging the unit or, worse, injuring yourself or others and their property if the unit accidentally drops out of the window. When in doubt, call in the professionals!